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MAN Energy Solutions commissions three dual-fuel power plants in Indonesia

Ten gensets with a total of 140 MW guarantee the energy supply for East and West Nusa Tenggara and employment of over 130 local employees

Augsburg, September 9th, 2019  

MAN Energy Solutions has successfully commissioned three power plants in the east of Indonesia. Two plants each with three 18V51/60DF engines provide the cities of Bima and Sumbawa with 50 MW of electric power each for the grid of the province of West Nusa Tenggara. The third power plant in Maumere on the island of Flores is powered by four 12V51/60DF engines with a total capacity of 40 MW.

“Reliably supplying over 1,000 inhabited islands is a huge challenge,” states Götz Kassing, Managing Director Indonesia at MAN Energy Solutions. “We are very pleased that we were able to support the Indonesian government with this project. Our decentralized power plant solutions for reliably supplying energy to islands and remote regions have proven themselves many times. The dual-fuel engines used offer complete fuel flexibility, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the power plants, which can be operated with low-emission LNG at any time.”

MAN PrimeServ fosters employment and education

Through its global after-sales brand, MAN PrimeServ, MAN Energy Solutions will also take charge of maintaining and operating the power plants for five years. The company relies on local partnerships and employment to do so. The three plants and the service hub established specifically for the project in Surabaya will employ over 130 members of staff by the end of 2019, 90% of whom will be from among the local population.

Since 2018, MAN Energy Solutions has also been teaming up with the German-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other industrial partners to offer an education program for industrial mechanics. The training course lasts four years and is based on the German dual study system combining practical training and academic studies. The first cohort of 20 young Indonesians began the course at a vocational school in Jakarta last year, and two of the students will complete the practical module at MAN Energy Solutions Indonesia.

“Besides the energy supply, the economic opportunities of the local population are also an important concern on the islands. We are contributing in creating jobs and providing training,” states Dr. Michael Filous, Vice President and Head of Service Agreements at MAN PrimeServ. “We rely on more than 130 local employees for operating the three power plants, and we provide further training for these staff regarding the specific work involved in the plants at our service hub in Surabaya.”

Close collaboration with Indonesian company WIKA

When constructing the power plants, MAN Energy Solutions worked in close collaboration with the Indonesian company Wijaya Karya (WIKA) and shared EPC responsibility as part of an open consortium. While WIKA took on the assembly of the power plants, MAN Energy Solutions was responsible for the delivery, assembly monitoring and commissioning of the engines, for mechanical and electrical accessories and the design of the power house.

“The Indonesian government pays great attention to the issue of electrification. We are proud that we are contributing to these plans. With the three new power plants we are significantly improving the electricity infrastructure in West Nusa Tenggara and Flores”, says Bambang Pramujo, Director at WIKA.

Six additional power plants for Indonesia

MAN Energy Solutions is currently equipping another six island power plants with a total capacity of 125 MW. Two power plants in Tanjung Selor and Biak are each powered by two 9L51/60DF engines each with 15 MW of electrical power. MAN Energy Solutions also supplied two 12V51/60DF engines each with 20 MW of electrical power for three power plants in Merauke, Langgur and Seram. The sixth power plant was recently successfully commissioned on the island of Nias off the west coast of Sumatra and features five 7L51/60DF engines with a total capacity of 35 MW.

 The new power plant in Bima (photo) supplies 50 MW of electric power for the grid of the Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara.

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