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Malaysia’s Sarawak Energy to deploy 180,000 advanced meters with Itron

Malaysian utility Sarawak Energy has signed a contract with technology firm Itron for the provision and installation of advanced metering infrastructure.

A 15-year deal signed through the utility’s subsidiary SESCO includes the supply and installation of some 180,000 advanced metering units and an IoT communications network to provide connectivity for the smart meters and other intelligent grid devices.

Itron will also provide Sarawak Energy with its Operations Optimiser, UtilityIQ software-as-a-service, and network-as-a-service for optimal grid management, monitoring and maintenance of the smart meters and communications network.

Optimiser will enable Sarawak Energy to develop new business processes and workflows leveraging data and insights generated from internal and external sources to improve operational efficiency.

Itron will also be responsible for smart meter and grid devices’ data collection and management.

The deal is expected to help the utility to improve energy efficiency, customer engagement, grid reliability, consumer billing and services to its 3 million customers.

The signing of the deal follows a successful pilot conducted in 2018 in which the utility deployed 6,000 advanced metering units.

The deal is part of efforts by Sarawak Energy to become a digital utility by 2025, to provide its consumers with innovative and next-generation tools and services.

Don Reeves, senior vice president of Outcomes at Itron, said: “With our open, standards-based network, Sarawak Energy will be able to easily and efficiently improve customer service, safety and operational efficiency.

“With such a high success rate from our pilot deployment in 2018, we are thrilled to continue the expansion of this project with our long-term customer, Sarawak Energy.”

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