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Malaysia CHE in JV with Torftech UK to Boost Renewable Projects In Asia Pacific

In conjunction with Biomass Asia Conference held in Kuala Lumpur on May 21 CHE Metal Works Sdn Bhd, who is an established processing equipment manufacturer in Malaysia has entered into a joint venture agreement with a renowned advanced renewable energy technology provider from Europe, Torftech UK Ltd. The signing ceremony is also witnessed by the Ambassador and head of the delegation of the European Union to Malaysia, His Excellency Luc Vandebon.

The objective of forming the joint venture (JV) is to provide the local Biomass industry an advanced biomass pre-treatment and power generation solution. The JV Company will apply best practice to the development and optimisation of advanced technology in the market.. The technologies developed by the JV will support the local engineering industry through the establishment of a research and development centre to run trials on regional biomass.

According to Mr Chek Chong, CHE group business director, “with the JV company formed, in addition to the advanced technologies being introduced and made accessible to the market, one of the key advantages to potential investors will be the cost effectiveness of the technologies.  Both the manufacturing and technical knowhow will be transferred from the United Kingdom to the new JV in Malaysia. This approach will be more effective and beneficial to the local market. Our plans for the future are to spin off further advancements in the technology by working closely together with local institutes and  universities. I am sure that through our close collaboration with Torftech, we will very soon be able to launch a ‘Made in Malaysia’ technology specially designed to handle local biomass.”

Mr Chek went on to add that “new advanced technologies simply need strong after sales support and we are aware about this critical after sales servicing factor. Our company has served Industry for more than two decades and CHE are not only capable of replicating quality products, but with our continuous company cultural enhancement, we are able to replicate talent as well. Improving our manufacturing process capabilities is only one part of the solution and not to forget, we still need to improve and replicate talents.”

The Torftech group of companies develop, licence and provide the TORBED Energy Technologies to a wide range of industries. These technologies use our proprietary patented TORBED Process Reactors to contact gases and solids in a more efficient and novel manner After more than 25 years and over 150 plants installed, we have demonstrated our ability to provide unique products, competitive advantages, reduced costs, energy savings and many other valuable benefits for our customers. Thanks to their ability to control temperatures precisely, the Torbed Plants can be powered by a wide number of fuels, including those having a high Alkali content, which with conventional technologies would normally cause a slagging process to occur, this avoids the difficulties that often arise with biomass fuels in traditional grate technologies. Torftech have already successfully applied the TORBED for the thermal processing of rice husks in Cambodia and look forward to developing other applications in the future through a JV with CHE. Mr Martin Groszek, Torftech group managing director noted that

“…the pre-treatment of biomass is inherently difficult and I cannot understate the value of this JV in developing a localised solution”. Over the last three years, Torftech have built a strong relationship with CHE and are confident that the skills and expertises of both the companies will allow the development of some commercially sustainable solutions for the Malaysian market.

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