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JinkoSolar Expanding

China-based JinkoSolar Holding Co is expanding operations with a new office opening in Singapore, which is quickly emerging as a growing hub of solar energy research and development. The regional headquarters will supervise sales, logistics, financing, project development and customer service across the country.

JinkoSolar Chairman David Li notes, “Singapore boasts an established logistics infrastructure, mature financing system and a skilled talent base — which facilitates cost-effective and efficient operations for companies like ours. We look forward to continuing support for our existing customers and growing to meet the needs of a robust customer base throughout the region.”

JinkoSolar’s expansion over the past few years now includes nine sales and marketing offices located on four continents worldwide, targeting regional hubs that are critical integration points for the module manufacturer.

The company also recently announced that its modules successfully passed an ammonia corrosion test conducted by the international research firm TÜVRheinland at its Solar Energy Assessment Center in Cologne, Germany, which means the modules are eligible to receive ammonia corrosion certification. High amounts of ammonia in agricultural areas such as livestock farms can be detrimental to the functionality of PV installations.

In order to pass the test, the maximum permissible power degradation of five percent must not be exceeded, the minimum requirements for insulation test and wet leakage test must be met, and no major visual defects must be detected. All criteria were fulfilled.

JinkoSolar chief executive officer Kangping Chen, says the company’s goal “is to manufacture PV modules of the highest quality. Resistance to ammonia is a critical component of this goal. This certification represents another assurance for our customers that JinkoSolar modules have been held up to a variety of rigorous tests in harsh elements around the world. JinkoSolar takes great pride in providing premium quality products to our global customers.”

JinkoSolar distributes its photovoltaic products to the global PV market including Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United States, France, Eastern Europe, and China.

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