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Huawei Debuts a Full-Stack Data Centre Solution to Reinvent Digital Infrastructure

During the Huawei Full-Stack Data Center Forum held at MWC 2022 Barcelona, Huawei presented the Full-Stack Data Center Solution. This brand-new solution, which uses Huawei’s full-stack capabilities from energy usage to IT equipment, is designed to assist organisations in adopting contemporary data centres. It’s designed to help businesses modernise their data centre infrastructure and establish a solid foundation for digital transformation, and it’s built around four fundamental principles: renew compute and storage, renew network, renew reliability, and renew green.

Just as we can’t live without mobile phones, enterprises can’t live without data centres. Data centres are the computers of enterprises. It’s estimated that more than 90% of computing power and data will be aggregated in data centres by 2025. This makes data centres the key to driving enterprises to go digital. At the session, Ian Redpath, Informa Analyst said, ” Enterprises are modernising their data centres with green DC facilities, and innovative ICT infrastructure and cloud technologies. The renewal of data centres will improve enterprises’ business efficiency and optimise TCO.”

Mr. Shi Wei, Director of Huawei Data Center Solution Dept, said, “Building cloud, intensive, and green data centers poses many new challenges to ICT infrastructure. Our Full-Stack Data Center Solution addresses these challenges by renewing computing & storage, network, reliability, and green to reshape digital infrastructure and accelerate digital transformation.”

The four key principals of the Huawei Full-Stack Data Center solution are as follows:
Renew Computing & Storage: Digital transformation increases the requirements for computing power and storage resources in data centres. Huawei provides all-flash storage products suitable for all scenarios to accelerate primary storage, analysis, and data backup data processing. Its OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage, for example, uses the NVMe over Fabric plus (NoF+) network and FlashLink algorithm to reduce latency to 0.05 milliseconds, which is 2 times faster than competing products. The FusionCube HCI series implements xPU computing power convergence, storage-compute-network convergence, and service convergence to offer HCI and capabilities featuring efficiency, green, and application, improving the VM/container density by 30% over the traditional HCI. To help with cloud transformation, Huawei Cloud Stack (HCS) provides an intelligent cloud management platform and intelligent data lakes to implement on-demand resource provisioning and fast service rollout. Huawei OceanStor Dorado has been extensively used in a wide range of industries around the world. At this forum, Huawei launched the next-generation OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage with the gateway-free active-active solution for SAN and NAS, and invited customers in the healthcare industry to share their stories using this product. Large- and medium-sized hospitals in European countries face pressing challenges in performance and O&M when dealing with data growing at an annual rate between 60% and 120%. The OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage easily addresses these challenges because it solves performance bottlenecks and simplifies O&M through multi-workload consolidation. Additionally, SAN and NAS’s unique gateway-free active-active solution ensures zero loss of mission-critical data and zero service disruption.

Renew Network: The growing scale of services increases the need for efficiency and makes management more complex. To achieve ultimate agility and efficiency of data centre networks, Huawei offers a network solution that includes lossless Ethernet powered by the industry’s only iLossless intelligent algorithm, WDM devices, routers with the industry’s only board-level cable technology, and data-network synergy for one-stop minute-level provisioning of private line services.

Renew Reliability: To improve data centres’ disaster recovery (DR) capability, Huawei provides the all-scenario DR solution. The solution provides full-stack DR, full-cycle efficient backup, and unified DR management to ensure highly reliable data centre services anytime and anywhere. For example, Huawei’s storage and wavelength division device collaboration technology shortens the active-active link switchover time from 50 to 5 ms, and the OceanProtect Backup Storage, built on the all-flash architecture, improves the backup bandwidth three-fold thanks to the end-to-end acceleration feature.

Renew Green: To establish a green and low-carbon data centre, Huawei thinks that data centre infrastructure must be reconstructed across its whole lifecycle, from construction to power supply and distribution to cooling and operations and maintenance. Huawei also offers a full-link convergent power module that uses a high-power density UPS and a UPS power distribution centre (PDC) to minimise data centre footprint by 47%. Such a module also fully utilises data centre space, saving more than 10% of the IT equipment space. Huawei also offers an indirect evaporative cooling solution EHU (environment handling unit) that runs on its unique polymer heat exchanger to maximise natural cooling sources. The EHU can also collaborate with iCooling, AI energy optimisation technology, to reduce the PUE to less than 1.2 compared with the chilled water-based cooling system, reducing annual energy consumption by over 14%.

Huawei helps businesses construct an industry-leading cloud, intense, and green data centre and enable their digital transformation by integrating the benefits of full-stack data centre technologies and solutions.

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