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GE Presents Game Changer

Game-Changing GE Solution to Help Boost Power Capacity in Asia Pacific Regions with Soaring Energy Demand While Lowering Power Plant Costs

  • Performance Leaps in GE’s 9EMax Gas Turbine Solution to Expand Power Availability for Region’s Energy Demand Growth of 4 Percent Annually
  • Output, Efficiency Increases Can Translate up to $11 Million Annual Impact for Asian Power Plants
  • Solution Can Upgrade Installed Units Far Quicker, at Lower Costs than Building New Plants
  • Technology Harnesses Advanced Hardware, Software and Data Analytics from GE’s

    Predictivity* Solutions Platform

    GE (NYSE: GE) introduced its 9EMax solution today, a game-changing leap forward in 9E gas turbine performance that redefines how its Asian customers can quickly deliver more power to the world’s fastest-growing region, at lower costs. This breakthrough technology can significantly elevate the output and efficiency of existing GE 9E gas turbines while empowering power providers to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy the solution. The 9EMax‘s high-performing technology will better position GE’s Asia Pacific customers to meet the region’s projected 4 percent annual growth in energy demand through 2035.

    The 9EMax, announced at the POWER-GEN Asia annual trade conference, can deliver up to 143 megawatts (MW) of power and up to 37 percent efficiency in simple-cycle operation (up to 210 MW and up to 53 percent efficiency in combined-cycle operation). For GE’s 9E customers, this performance boost can open up as much as $6 million in new annual revenue opportunities per unit upgrade and as much as $5 million in annual fuel savings. With a fleet nearing 100 units across Asia Pacific, GE 9E customers can more effectively support the 10+ gigawatts of gas turbine power added in the region each year to keep pace with rising energy demand. This advanced technology can have an even larger impact in the 10-country region of ASEAN, where demand is increasing at twice the rate of global growth.

    “The 9EMax is nothing short of a game-changing solution for our 9E customers,” said Ramesh Singaram, Asia Pacific president of GE’s Power Generation business. “The high performance this technology brings to our customers opens up new doors for them to compete with larger block gas turbine machines and other power generation technologies across the region. Today’s announcement is a particularly exciting one for our team. The 9EMax can play a significant role in providing additional power to key areas of our region while giving our customers the ability to lower their operational costs in an environment of higher fuel prices.”

    This technology upholds the proven reliability of GE’s 9E gas turbine fleet, which exceeds 99 percent operational availability across a global fleet of 700+ units. By harnessing this solution, GE customers can operate up to 32,000 hours or 900 starts between scheduled maintenance inspections, a period of approximately four years for typical continuous-duty power plants.


The 9EMax solution also can be blended with GE’s OpFlex* advanced controls software to more efficiently deliver additional power to Asia Pacific countries that experience long periods of hot climate conditions. By eliminating as much as 3 percent of output performance loss that can occur in extreme heat operating environments, this technology can help GE customers reliably meet their commitments to the grid. In 100°F/38°C conditions, the 9EMax can generate up to 125 MW of power with nearly 36 percent efficiency in simple-cycle operation.

Analysis of 100+ million hours of GE’s fleet operating data, in combination with 25 million hours of 9E fleet operating experience, played an integral role in engineering the solution. The 9EMax features GE’s first four-stage gas turbine technology in its B/E-Class upgrades portfolio. With a dimensional footprint equivalent to currently installed 9E units, GE customers can implement this solution with little to no impact on their plant’s power island assets.

GE’s newest solution is an addition to its Power LifeMax* portfolio of B/E-Class gas turbine technologies. This portfolio is complemented by GE’s Power FlexEfficiency* solutions for its F-Class gas turbine customers. These offerings blend hardware innovations with advanced software technologies to unleash more value for GE assets and customers’ broader plant operations. GE is implementing these solutions at customer sites across Asia Pacific and around the globe to help them support the energy needs of the communities they serve:

  • In Japan, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is collaborating with GE to install the Flange-to-Flange solution on eight 9FA.03 gas turbines at its Yokohama Power Station. This upgrade will increase the efficiency of the site and significantly reduce its fuel costs. Additionally, TEPCO will install Dry Low NOx 2.6+ combustion solutions on four gas turbines at its Futtsu 3 power plant, and three units at its Shinagawa plant. The technology will deliver wider fuel flexibility to the sites to accommodate the variation of LNG sources from numerous exporting countries, which include very lean fuel
  • Earlier this year, GE installed China’s first Dry Low NOx 2.6+ combustion solution on a 9FA gas turbine at the Caojing power plant. This upgrade helped the site lower its emissions from 24 ppm to less than 10 ppm NOx at baseload operation while also significantly lowering maintenance costs by tripling the unit’s maintenance intervals from 8,000 to 24,000 hours of operation
  • Chubu Electric Power Company in Japan has begun upgrades on four GE 7F gas turbines at its Kawagoe Power Station with the Flange-to-Flange solution. This technology will help Chubu deliver more megawatts of power, operate more efficiently to help offset higher fuel prices and lower the site’s emissions to less than 15 ppm NOx
  • Following the early 2014 installation of Advanced Gas Path technology on Israel Electric Corporation’s GE 9E gas turbine, located at the Ramat Hovav power station, the unit’s output increased by 6% and fuel efficiency by more than 2%. These performance gains are enabling IEC to generate extra megawatts at lower cost to help meet Israel’s continuous demand growth for electricity, and could potentially result in up to $1.8 million in annual fuel savings
  • Transcorp Ughelli Power Plc. is partnering with GE to install a Flange-to-Flange solution on a 9E gas turbine in the Fall 2014. The technology will help rejuvenate Transcorp’s ageing equipment, enabling the unit to deliver 15 additional megawatts of power with more reliability to serve Nigeria’s growing energy demands

• In India, Andhra Pradesh Gas Power Corporation, Ltd. (APGPCL) installed the Advanced Gas Path solution on its GE 9E gas turbine at the Vijjeswaram power plant to help meet the region’s increasing demand for electricity. The upgrade boosted APGPCL’s output by 5.6 percent, which translates to nearly six more megawatts of power. The plant also is operating with greater efficiency, which is expected to save APGPCL $3.2 million in fuel costs annually.


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