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GE in Windfarm Win Thailand

GE Renewable Energy has agreed to a partnership with Khao Kor Wind Power to supply wind turbines for the Khao Kor wind farm in Petchaboon, Thailand.

Designed to supply power to the northern part of the country, the 60-megawatt project will generate enough equivalent energy to power about 36,000 Thai households a year.

“The region has huge potential for wind power, and our technology is competitive, reliable and innovative,” said Peter Cowling, general manager of GE’s wind business in the Asia Pacific region.

Twenty-four wind turbines will be supplied by GE. Each one will utilize a 120-meter-diameter rotor on a tubular steel tower 110 meters off the ground to provide 2.5 megawatts of power per unit.

The country hopes that the Khao Kor wind farm will kick-start a rise in the share of renewable electricity in Thailand’s total electricity mix from about 12 percent in 2014 to 25 percent by 2021.

Surachet Tamronglak, managing director for Charoen Energy and Water Asia, estimated that the wind farm will be up and running by mid-2016.

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