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GE Gas Power secures 2GW CCGT China Order

Shenzhen Energy Group Corporation’s Guangming power plant. Credit: GE

Gas technology companies GE Gas Power and Harbin Electric have announced that Chinese state-owned power utility Shenzhen Energy Group Corporation has ordered power generation equipment for its Guangming combined cycle power plant.

The plant is located in Shenzhen Guangming district of Guangdong province in China and is expected to deliver up to 2GW of electricity.

Three GE 9HA.01 gas turbines will power the plant, turbines which can burn up to 50% by volume of hydrogen when blended with natural gas.

Plans are for the first fleet of the plant to be operational by end of 2023, in time to support the retirement of the Guangdong Shajiao coal-fired power complex in 2025.

Harbin Electric will provide steam turbines and generators for the project, under the Joint Venture General Harbin Electric Gas Turbine (Qinhuangdao), which was formed in 2019 between GE and Harbin Electric.

A representative of Shenzhen Energy Group said in a statement, “GE and Harbin Electric will provide us with the highest standard of quality and reliability for our Guangming power plant. We ordered GE’s H-Class technology for its ability to generate significant electrical output in a flexible and efficient way—crucial for the population of Guangdong province—while helping to ensure reliability of supply.”

According to GE, China’s consumption of coal has fallen from approximately 72.4% in 2005 to 56.8% in 2020, indicative of the country’s commitment to sustainability through reducing emissions.

“Gas can play a significant role in China’s energy future due to its sustainability, flexibility, low capital costs, ability to integrate with carbon capture systems, and rapid deployment capabilities,” said Ma Jun, Utility Sales General Manager of GE Gas Power in China.

“Natural gas-fired generators have the lowest CO2 emissions of all fossil power generation fuels—and are ideal for countries including China where the need to transition from coal at scale while retaining reliability of supply is paramount. We are excited to work together with Harbin Electric in support of increasing natural gas-fired power generation in China.”

GE has been delivering products and services in China for over four decades, and now serves 100+ customers and more than 200 gas turbines in mainland China, with an installed power capacity of 46GW.

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