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Fujian to Develop Onshore Wind Potential

Fujian to Develop Onshore Wind Potential

Fujian province’s development and reform commission announced a plan for constructing onshore wind farms as a major part of its energy development strategy form 2012 to 2020. The plan calls for 196 new wind farms, with a total installed capacity of 8.16 million kilowatts per year. By 2015, Fujian expects to be saving 1.64 million tons of standard coal annually, based on a 2010 coal consumption of 327 grams/kWh, in power generation.

Thanks to the monsoon and the Taiwan Straits effect, Fujian’s coastal area has plenty of wind resources, mainly along the north Minjiang River Estuary, southern Fuzhou, and cities, such as Putian, Quanzhou, and Xiamen, with south central Fuzhou having the greatest advantage. Wind resources for Pingtan Island and the Longgao Peninsula are at Grade 7, the highest level possible.

The plans call for 63 wind farms in the city of Fuzhou (including suburban Pingtan county), with an installed capacity of 2.66 million kW, and accounting for 33 percent of Fujian’s total plan. There are also 35 wind farms for the city of Fuqing, 12 at Changle, 11 at Lianjiang, one at Luoyuan, two at Minhou, and one at Minqing.

In 2011, Fujian’s percentage of consumption of hydroelectricity to thermal power to wind power is 29.3:68.1:2.6, meaning a large dependence on thermal power. And, the province expects to need much more electricity in the 2012-2020 period, anywhere from 92.6 to 164.4 billion kWh. Wind power is an important supplement to conventional energy resources and can play a key role in saving energy, as well as improving the energy structure, dealing with power shortages, and reducing air pollution.

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