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Floating PV System Connected to Grid by Phoenix Solar

Floating PV System Connected to Grid by Phoenix Solar

Phoenix Solar has launched a floating photovoltaic system in Singapore. The system of 5 kWp capacity has been installed in the Pond Gardens of Bishan Park and donated by REC Module Pte Ltd.

The floating PV installation, constructed with 20 REC Peak Energy Series modules, has recently been connected to the grid. The solar island is set at a 10 degree angle with UV resistant floating structures. With the help of marine-grade submersible cables, the tetragonal array provides electricity that goes directly to the land.

As a test-bed project, the modules will be monitored for one year by a number of sensor measuring criteria which can track the working status of the array and record essential data for research. The company remarks that the system is developed to explore “the environmental impact on water quality, flora and fauna, and to quantify a number of anticipated benefits”.

After winning a contract to build 36MWp power plants in Thailand last month, the development of a floating system is considered to be another significant move made by the company in the region of Southeast Asia. Commenting on the pilot floating PV system, the company notes that “floating PV is an excellent complement for existing hydro power plants, helping to conserve the reservoir volumes while generating power. Floating PV is also an attractive option for land scarce countries with high density of water bodies such as Singapore.”

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