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Expansion of Smart Grid a Priority for South Korea

South Korea plans to consider various ways to expand the use of the smart grid system as part of its efforts to enhance the nation’s long-term energy efficiency, according to Ministry of Strategy and Finance.

In a recently held meeting, the government had reviewed future energy policy directions and discussed ways to enhance energy efficiency and effectively cope with other problems from greenhouse gases.

South Korea Finance Minister Bahk Jae-wan was quoted by Korea Times as saying that greenhouse gases are produced in large quantities while generating electricity by burning fossil fuel such as oil and coal.

“If we intend to cut greenhouse gas emissions to ease the fallout from abnormal weather, the conclusion is that we should reduce the consumption of energy that we currently use just as air and water,” Jae-wan added.

In addition, the ministry has proposed designating the island of Jeju and a few other populous areas in Korea as strategic hubs for the smart grid system.The government agency also proposed creating an industrial environment where smart grid technologies could be developed.

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