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EVN plants to face tough period with oil firing

EVN plants to face tough period with oil firing

The Electricity Group of Vietnam (EVN) is expected to mobilize some 1.1 billion kWh of electricity fueled by oil this dry season, the country’s sole power generator said.

Using oil-fueled power is far more expensive than energy generated by coal- and gas-fueled plants, EVN said.

Hydropower only accounted for 27.62 percent of the total production in February, while the respective figures for thermal-power and gas are 27.86 and 40.45 percent. EVN only managed to produce 36.2 percent of the total production last month.

“EVN will closely cooperate with the coal giant Vinacomin and PetroVietnam to ensure supply for the national power system,” EVN deputy CEO Dang Hoang An said.

The state-run power generator added that the water levels at its hydropower plants are still lower than the normal levels, especially those located in the central region and the Central Highlands. The total water loss is some 5.29 billion cubic meters — 1.9 billion cubic meters in the north, and 2.52 billion in the central area, it said.

“Power supply for the south will face many challenges as we do not have new generators joining the national electricity system,” an EVN official warned.

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