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Engie promoting energy efficiency in Asia

ENGIE, a global energy player and expert operator in electricity, natural gas and energy services, underlines the importance of energy efficiency as an effective tool to reduce a great deal obusiness operating costs, while also caring about the environment.

Mr.Sawat Macmyraxa, General Manager of ENGIE Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a company under ENGIE Group, said that energy efficiency implementation goes beyond upgrading or repairing machinery, and is more about managing and operating the system to achieve higher efficiency, and lower the cost of operating a business.

“Machinery replacement generally results in around 10%-20% of cost reduction, but competent practice on energy management could bring about a cost reduction of as much as 20-40% for some cases,” Mr Sawat said.

Mr. Sawat has made a presentation at the Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia 2016 exhibition and conference, or SETA 2016, in Bangkok, on the first day of the show (Mar 23) on the topic of “Breaking Barriers to Showcase the Advantages of Energy Efficiency: Cracking the Code”. He drew the audience’s attention to the barriers they should be aware of, and the long-term consequence of investing in the technology and solutions that will boost the energy efficiency of any operation.

While drivers for energy efficiency include government regulation, high energy prices, increased energy security, incentives, greenhouse gas reduction and the available technologies, the barriers include lack of awareness in the opportunities that could be achieved from energy efficiency, the lack of funding to pay for improvements and the risk that could occur from initiating energy efficacy, as well as the lack of technical expertise to evaluate and execute the project and the reluctance for long term solutions, Mr. Sawat said.

He said overcoming such the barriers will help foster the achievement of energy efficiency.

“We recommended business operators to seek and select the right partner who will help them to overcome these barriers,” Mr. Sawat said.

He added that ENGIE provides the entire solution for energy efficiency starting from baseline analysis of the current energy efficiency situation through the resolution of the system. At present in Thailand, ENGIE provides services to several manufacturers such as ceramic plants and shopping malls.

“Business operators are increasingly concerned about improving energy efficiency not only for saving production costs, but also to reduce the impact of energy production and consumption on the environment. The Paris Agreement on greenhouse gas emission reduction during COP21 is also a catalyst for the awareness of energy efficiency implementation,” Mr. Sawat said.

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