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Enercon India Limited in Surprise Re-Brand

Enercon India Limited in Surprise Re-Brand

Controversial turbine manufacturer Enercon India surprised the industry earlier this year when it revealed it had decided to drop the Enercon name and rebrand itself Wind World India (WWI). The company has been involved in a legal dispute since German manufacturer and partner Enercon cancelled a licensing agreement between the two companies in 2007.

This dispute has included the use of the Enercon name and the German company’s efforts to enforce a change. Speaking about the changes, World Wind India managing director Yogesh Mehra said that the domain name was acquired on 20 November 2012 and the change took place as of 1 January 2013.

“The company structure and share ownership structure does not change and remains the same as before” Mehra said. He added: “The name change was done as 100% shareholders of (erstwhile Enercon (India) Ltd), wanted it to be done.” However, Enercon, still the 56% majority stakeholder in the joint venture company, said it was not consulted about the name change. Enercon’s lawyers were first informed on 7 January 2013, according to an Enercon company source.

Yet, the company’s website resembles more of a holding page. Despite the name change happening this year, it still (as of 22 February) promises a new site is set to roll out. Likewise there is no information available on the company’s product range.


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