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Elcogen, E&KOA and P&P Energytech sign Collaboration Agreement to commercialize SOFC system for Korean market

  • Elcogen, E&KOA and P&P Energytech will work together to commercialize Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) power system for the commercial building market in South Korea and outside
  • Elcogen will supply commercial SOFC cells
  • E&KOA will supply commercial SOFC stacks
  • P&P Energytech will integrate and bring 10 kW SOFC system to mass market within 3 years

Elcogen, an European manufacturer of the world’s most efficient SOFC cells, is pleased to announce LOI agreement with E&KOA – Korean SOFC stack manufacturer and P&P Energytech – Korean SOFC system integrator. The purpose of the agreement is to cooperate in the best effort towards the commercialization of SOFC system to mass market.

E&KOA is a Korean SOFC technology company developing a 1 kW SOFC stack for the mass market. P&P Energytech, a Korean system integrator has long experience in the fuel cell market. The company has previously developed PEMFC, MCFC and SOFC fuel cell testing equipment. Also, P&P Energytech has supplied fuel cell systems for the leading companies in automotive industries. Taking an advantage of in-depth knowledge of fuel cell technology, P&P Energytech launches a SOFC system for commercial stationary power market within 3 years.

The combined heat and power generation system’s electrical power output is 10 kW, working on Hydrocarbon or Hydrogen gas. Target market is commercial buildings and distributed power market in South Korea. However, Elcogen, E&KOA and P&P Energytech intend to explore an expansion of the collaboration to other locations as well.

The South Korean government intends to achieve 15 GW of fuel cell electricity generation by 2040, including 7 GW for export. The target incorporates also a stationary fuel cell CHP application for buildings. Both fuel cells and hydrogen provide a stable and flexible energy supply, helping South Korea to offset growth in the alternating production of solar and wind energy.

CEO of Elcogen, Enn Õunpuu said:
“Elcogen is aiming to become the world’s leading producer of commercial SOFC/SOEC cells. The efficiency of our products and the support from our partners allows us to set the highest goals. Following the two years of cooperation with P&P Energytech and validation of Elcogen’s technology, we are glad to be part of South Korea’s ambitious Hydrogen economy growth targets and P&P Energytech’s future SOFC product generation.”

CEO of P&P Energytech, Yonghyun Lee said:
“Based on the experience of developing highly reliable fuel cell systems, P&P Energytech accelerates the commercialization of high-efficiency SOFC/SOEC systems, meeting the purpose of the global hydrogen development strategy, and aiming to become a global supplier. The leap forward as a global supplier is driven by global cooperation and co-prosperity. In improving the maturity of the SOFC/SOEC system, we are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Elcogen, who has the world’s best cell technology. In the future, we will continue strong cooperation as a pioneer in the era of hydrogen energy in the EU-Korea.”

CEO of E&KOA, Insung Lee said:
“E&KOA intends to leap forward as a SOFC/SOEC stack manufacturer with high efficiency and high durability. We are pleased to be working with Elcogen, the world’s leading technology provider of cells, a key component of stack production. We also have no doubt that the commercialization of E&KOA’s SOFC/SOEC stack will be realized through P&P Energytech’s high-efficiency SOFC/SOEC system, who has experience in manufacturing various fuel cell systems. The transition to a clean energy era is a global proposition, and there is no doubt that hydrogen energy is at its core. We will take the lead in realizing the EU’s green deal strategy and Korea’s hydrogen economy roadmap.

For further information, please contact:

Elcogen AS, Marek Roostar: marek.roostar@elcogen.com, +372 6346 752

About Elcogen

Elcogen (est 2001) is an Estonian cleantech company developing and manufacturing highest performing and the world’s most efficient solid oxide cell technology for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Elcogen enables its partners to deliver power production and power storage solutions to mass market addressing zero emission as well as hydrogen society challenges.

Elcogen was awarded Innovation award by European Business Awards 2020/2021. Company supplies more than 60 commercial customers worldwide and aims to become world’s leading producer of commercial SOFC /SOEC cells and stacks.

About P&P Energytech

P&P Energytech (est 2004) is a Korean engineering company developing and manufacturing the leading fuel cell systems and test stations in SOFC, PEMFC, and MCFC. P&P Energyech delivers customized engineering solution to Korean top companies and R&D institutes in the field of hydrogen energy industry.

About E&KOA

E&KOA (est 2020) is a Korean high technology company developing and manufacturing highly efficient and durable SOFC/SOEC stacks targeting building and distributed power applications. E&KOA is collaborating with remarkable global partners in commercializing SOFC/SOEC technology. Company is targeting mass production of stacks in 2021 and planning to proceed with SOEC cooperation for the future hydrogen economy.

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