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Conco Systems Shares the Secret to Total Condenser Performance

Conco released a new service program “Total Performance for Condensers”

NSW, Australia (October 16, 2013) Conco Systems, Pty Ltd. introduced its latest service program for improved condenser efficiency known as “Total Performance for Condensers”. The service program when implemented demonstrates Conco’s solutions for condenser performance improvements. The intention is to help power plants achieve the perfect balance of productivity, reliability and profitability from the effective integration of cleaning, non-destructive testing and leak detection technology. Conco’s unique combination of testing, leak detection and tube cleaning provides the world’s best platform to help reduce cost, downtime and inefficiency.

Conco Systems invented the world’s first condenser tube cleaner in 1923. Since then, Conco has improved and expanded their tube cleaner designs, has added services such as leak detection and has incorporated new technologies, such as non-destructive testing, to satisfy all aspects of customer service.

“Total Performance for Condensers” reflects Conco’s capabilities with the business objectives of their power plant clientele. Conco has matched its performance triad of cleaning, non-destructive testing and leak detection with three major goals: productivity, reliability and profitability. When supported by Conco’s products, services and technologies, these objectives will help any power plant achieve Total Performance. By utilizing Conco’s integrated platform with Non-Destructive Testing, power plants will be able to catch problems before they lead to outages, which, in turn, will increase productivity. By using Conco’s Leak Detection services, plants will be able to effectively locate condenser air inleakage and tube leakage, helping plants to become more reliable. And finally, by effectively cleaning condensers with Conco Tube Cleaning, heat transfer is improved and plants are more profitable by generating more efficient power at a lower cost.

For more information, please visit: http://www.concosystems.com or follow the links below:

Founded in 1923, Conco is the world’s leading provider of condenser and heat exchanger services to the power generation industry with offices located in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call Noel Peters at
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Contact: Noel Peters
Conco Systems Pty Ltd
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Email: NPeters@concosystems.com.au

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