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China’s grid operator SGC joins Dii

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) has joined Dii as a new shareholder in December 2013 through its subsidiary China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI), a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive research institution in China’s electric power sector.

“One of the strategic focus areas of SGCC is the global allocation of renewable energy. In this framework, SGCC is very keen to find options for contributing effectively to future transmission extension projects connecting countries and continents. We regard Dii as a unique alliance with a strong reputation for the integration of renewable energy from the deserts into interconnected power systems”, said Dr. Liang Zhong Yao, CEPRI’s Vice President.

“We feel all very honoured that SGCC decided to reinforce the ranks of our international industry initiative as a new shareholder. I warmly welcome that SGCC´s highly respected research institute CEPRI will among others contribute comprehensive experience in transmission and renewable energy technologies to our initiative. SGCC/CEPRI, perfectly fits with Dii and their expertise will bring the community closer to capturing huge synergies through long-distance direct current high voltage transmission throughout Europe and the MENA region,”, said Paul van Son, CEO of Dii.

SGCC is the largest utility in the world, and ranks 7th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2013.SGCC’s core businesses are the investment, construction and operation of power networks, with a mission of providing safer, more economical, cleaner and sustainable power supply services. SGCC’s transmission and distribution networks cover 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions (approximately 88% of the geographical area) of China, forming the largest and most sophisticated power grid in the world. SGCC has a number of overseas investments in the Philippines, Brazil, Portugal and Australia.

As a result of its continuous investment in R&D, SGCC has developed a strong expertise in core cutting-edge technologies such as Ultra High Voltage (UHV), Smart Grid, and renewable energy integration and has successfully applied them in its grid operation and management, realising significant economic and social benefits.

SGCC´s subsidiary CEPRI is active in a broad variety of research areas relevant to electric science and business, including power generation, transmission, and distribution, power supply and utilization, electric project design, construction, commissioning, operation, monitoring and maintenance and renewable energy, new materials, energy conversion, information and communication technology, etc.

With partner companies from 16 countries, Dii is looking to turn power from the deserts into reality. The activities of the industry initiative, which was founded in 2009, are focused on creating an industrial-scale market for renewable energies from the desert regions of North Africa and the Middle East and connecting them among others to the European power markets. These activities include the identification of suitable solutions and market based support for generating and transmitting energy from solar and wind sources in the deserts to the local demand areas.

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