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China-Russia Plan Largest Power Grid

National Grid to enter Russia: China and Russia largest power grid planning joint
Russia’s largest power grid company – Russian Power Grid AG (Rosseti, hereinafter referred to as the Russian network) and China’s largest power company State Grid Corporation (SGCC, hereinafter referred to as the national network) will be worth billions of dollars to expand cooperation in Russia. Both companies or signed on October 1 joint venture set up a road map.
September 11, Russia’s Kommersant reported that the two companies first meeting of the working group was held in Beijing on September 10, the working group should develop the parameters of the future joint venture to implement projects in Russia. Kommersant quoted informed sources said the Russian network proposed investment of $ 1 billion in projects to the national network, but the two sides have not reached a consensus on the issue of shares allocated joint venture. The aforementioned sources, the Russian network proposed to retain their controlling stake, but the national network has not yet agreed. The partnership involves not only the current Siberia, but also in other regions of Russia.
Recommends that companies enhance staff education and training, to strengthen the protection of customer information security awareness; improve customer information security protection measures, standardize management of customer information inquiry to modify the system; properly regulate and guide the behavior of company employees.
In fact, as early as May of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China, witnessed by the two heads of the two companies had signed the China State Grid Corporation and Power Grid Corporation of Russia strategic cooperation agreement, which referred to the two sides plan for long-term technical exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation in UHV AC and DC, technology research and application of smart grid, transmission and distribution construction and renovation, as well as the feasibility of building the bridge Eurasian power and other aspects.
All data should have a owner, in general, should be given the appropriate business units and functional units of ownership, with the ownership in order to allow the owner to assume management responsibilities.
In recent years, the national network of overseas operations frequently, July 1, the country spent $ 2.1 billion net assets acquired Italian equity grid. July 17, the National Network chairman Liu Zhenya, president of Brazil’s National Electricity Company signed Costa Brazil beautiful mountain UHV transmission project cooperation agreement, the first DC UHV construction projects overseas. However, Brazil has been pushing the project is not a national network of UHV AC.
State Grid’s overseas projects mainly in Brazil, Portugal, Australia, the Philippines and Hong Kong, China.

Earlier this year, net foreign assets of the country had exceeded 100 billion yuan, the current project mainly in Brazil, Portugal, Australia, the Philippines and Hong Kong, China. Multi-country network of overseas investment to acquire shares of a mature project-based approach.

National Grid chairman Liu Zhenya has repeatedly publicly about his dream of global energy and global energy outlook Internet. According to Liu Zhenya’s vision, global energy Internet by transcontinental, transnational backbone grid and the voltage level of the power grid national constitution, including the continent networking, continental and global Internet networking connection, a very together (North Pole, the equator) large energy base, adapt to a variety of centralized, distributed power, the ability to wind, solar, ocean energy and other renewable energy delivered to all types of users, is a wide range of services, strong configuration capability, high security and reliability, global platform for green low-carbon energy configuration , with a strong grid, extensive connectivity, highly intelligent, open and interactive features.

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