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China PV industry market is expected to become the new Heights



Recently, the United States conducted a second “double reverse” investigation on Chinese solar companies, pushed them to the cusp once again. Friction constant tussle between countries reflects the global PV market competitive situation.


EPIA’s data shows that in 2010 the composition of the global new installed capacity, Europe accounted for 80% of absolute dominance, while China, the Americas (mainly the U.S. market) and Asia Pacific (mainly Japan market) accounted for only 18% of the total. But in 2013 the constitution, China, the Americas and Asia-Pacific region have overtaken the Europe’s position, occupies up to 71% of the share, on the contrary, the European new installed capacity proportion fell to 28%. UBS believes China’s PV market has significant outbreak, mainly because of the sharp decline of the costsand government policies, and China is expected to be a PV manufacturing power to PV installed power.


Under the “double reverse” pressure of Europe and the United States, the China government began intensive introduction of policies to support the development of photovoltaic industry, which makes PV uncertainty of future earnings power plant greatly weakened, and stimulates more capital to actively enter the field of PV power station. In the latest 2014 National PV installed capacity planning released by Energy Board, in 2014 the domestic PV installed capacity was added 14GW, reflecting the policies guiding the development of PV installed intentions. (The above contents is sourcing from Sichuan Daily)


China PV industry market is expected to develop to the new heights. PV Guangzhou,an excellent platform for communication, trading and technical exchanges, will strive to tap latent demand and help enterprises to boost domestic demand. Let’s join PV Guangzhou 2014 in August.


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