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Canopy Power and EDF to Jointly Develop Renewable Energy Microgrids in Asia

Singapore-based microgrid specialist Canopy Power and leading French energy company EDF begin a partnership, which will initiate new business opportunities in renewable energy microgrid projects.

Canopy Power and Electricité de France (EDF) have signed a cooperation agreement to develop microgrid projects in the region, based on a jointly devised market offering. Both companies are confident that this cooperation will open new business opportunities in Asia and trigger further business commitment to jointly develop, and on a case-by-case basis, own and operate, microgrid projects.

As a specialist in the renewable energy niche of microgrids, Canopy Power is active in designing, building and financing of microgrids for communities and commercial customers located in remote areas and islands. Within the partnership, Canopy Power will provide preliminary project development and engineering services and will operate either as owner’s engineer, or as full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor, depending on the project.

As a leading low-carbon electricity company and top European player in renewables, EDF has a proven track record of solar-based energy solutions for underserved areas in French insular territories and across Africa. Active in all segments of the electricity industry, EDF will provide business and project development resources, share its experiences from off-grid energy projects worldwide and bring the highest quality standards to the projects. This partnership testifies to EDF’s determination to further explore microgrid technologies, and commitment to promoting access to electricity via carbon free innovative solutions.

EDF and Canopy Power share the same purpose of fighting climate change by helping customers located at remote places and/or connected to poor grid infrastructure transition towards cheaper and more sustainable energy sources. While EDF brings decades of experience in owning and operating energy infrastructure, Canopy Power provides the regional and technical expertise of designing and building renewable microgrids. Together we offer cost-effective, modular energy solutions to businesses and communities striving to make the shift in the right direction,” said Sujay Malve, founder and CEO of Canopy Power.

EDF exports its expertise around the world with a strong ambition: to support its customers all over the world with their energy transition. Wherever we operate, we roll out solutions that help to reduce carbon emissions. Through its Raison d’Être, the EDF Group reaffirms its ambition to contribute to creating a CO2-neutral energy future that combines protecting the planet, well-being, and development. This partnership with Canopy Power supports our commitments in Asia to develop solar hybrid microgrids with the objective to decarbonise the electricity mix some of our customers are using, or give populations which do not have decent electricity supply access to clean electricity. Combining EDF’s strengths with Canopy Power’s will accelerate the pace of the projects implemented in Asia,” said Jean-Philippe Buisson, Senior VP Asia of EDF.

Joining efforts in proving robust, long-term sustainable microgrid operation

As part of the partnership, Canopy Power’s Hornbill Microgrid Asset Management Platform, an in-house developed technology, will also be installed at the MASERA microgrid testbed in Singapore. Built in 2018, the MASERA microgrid testbed was co-developed by EDF and Nanyang Technology University (NTU) to demonstrate microgrid technology as innovative and easily deployable solutions. Hornbill, which provides data and analytics for simplifying remote management, maximising system efficiency and minimising operating costs will show how technology enhances the viability of remote microgrids, increase investment returns and strengthen project bankability.

The partnership reinforces both Canopy Power and EDF’s commitments to support Asia’s transition to renewable energy, in turn enabling economic development in the region and improving the quality of life for communities.

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