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Alstom receives Excellent Supplier Award for Xiangjiaba project from China Three Gorges Corp

Alstom recently was given an Excellent Supplier award by the China Three Gorges Corp. in recognition of the company’s outstanding performance in contract execution, excellent quality and on-time delivery of hydro turbine generator units and auxiliary equipment for the Xiangjiaba Hydro Power Plant.

Alstom designed and manufactured four hydroelectric generating units for the Xiangjiaba underground hydro power plant, which were delivered in a record time for such large machines at an average of one unit every four months.

These four units successfully entered commercial operation between November 2012 and June 2013. The units all passed reliability tests in the first phase.

The turbines and generators were manufactured at Alstom’s hydropower industrial facility in Tianjin, China. The facility is Alstom’s largest hydropower manufacturing base and a leading supplier of equipment in China and across Asia.

These 800-MW-class units coupled with an 889-MVA generator are the most powerful hydroelectric generating units in the world. Each unit is able to supply the yearly electricity consumption of some 5 million people during a year.

Once all eight of the 800-MW/889-MVA units come online, Xiangjiaba will be China’s third-highest capacity hydroelectric plant and the world’s seventh-highest capacity hydropower plant.

The Xiangjiaba project is the latest in a series of successful projects Alstom has delivered to the China Three Gorges Corp., including Three Gorges Left Bank (8 units of 700 MW), Three Gorges Right Bank (6 units of 700 MW) and Three Gorges Underground (2 units of 700 MW).

“This award is an important recognition for the dedication of Alstom’s team towards our customers and the cutting edge technology that drives Alstom clean power solutions,” said Fabio Nossaes, general manager of Alstom Hydro China (AHC). “We are very proud to be part of this great project. We hope to continue our cooperation with China Three Gorges Corporation by constantly challenging the boundaries of innovation on the most technically advanced projects in China.”

Apart from China, Alstom is also playing a significant role in rest of the Asian market. Earlier this year, AHC and Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) were awarded Hydro Power Project of the Year, Fast Track Power Plant of the Year and Power Utility of the Year for their work on the Son La Hydro Power Plant in Vietnam at the Asian Power Awards 2013.

The construction of the power plant is considered an important social-economic milestone for the rising Asian star.

Alstom is a leading supplier of hydro power generation equipment and systems in China. During the past 10 years, the group has accumulated a 20 percent market share of the total Chinese installed capacity of large hydro equipment. Present for more than 17 years, Alstom has been actively engaging in technology transfer, modernization of industrial footprint, development of local resources as well as the promotion of renewable energy sources such as hydro power.

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