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3E is Setting New Standards in the Digitalisation of Renewable Energy Assets

Today, 3E is proud to share some exciting insightsinto its new positioning and its expanding range of digital solutions. 3E aims toset new standards in the digitalisation of renewable energy assets with SynaptiQthe one-stop digital platform and its new upcoming applications Solar Analytics and Wind Analytics (co-creation with LivLinerand a brand-new UI for theAsset Operations application3E is also thrilled to announce its refreshed company image and a brand-new website.

Digitalisation Is Transforming the Renewable Energy Sector

Following two decades of ongoing innovation and investments in renewable energy, solar and wind are now the most sustainable and cost-effective choice in most areas of the world. Over the next decade, we expect to see even more growth, driven by rising energy demands and decreasing supply costs, and a consolidation of the sector as it continues to mature.

In addition, building and maintaining energy assets is becoming more complex due to tightening regulations, diversifying portfolios and increasingly stringent grid requirements. Now more than ever before, renewable energy investors, operators and developers need a long-term technology partner with both local expertise and global reach.  With more than twenty years of industry experience, 3E has proven itself as a bankable partner for digital data and analytical services, combined with technical expertise in successfully engineering and operating solar and wind plants. 

A New Era in Digitalised Energy: 3E SynaptiQ

SynaptiQ becomes 3E’s innovative digital platform, that puts all of our domain knowledge and experience at our customers’ fingertips and allows them to efficiently plan, develop and operate renewable assets from anywhere in the world. 

SynaptiQ is a one-stop-shop combining all of 3E’s leading SaaS solutions and can support renewable energy projects from concept to end-of-life. It utilises artificial intelligence to centralise and augment all available data, setting new standards in efficiency and energy yield while also significantly reducing plant costs. SynaptiQ features a unique open data and software architecture built by solar and wind experts, helping to minimise investment risks while maximising the asset’s performance.

Technology will always be part of our DNA,” said Stef Goossens, CEO of 3E. “And with the launch of the SynaptiQ digital platform, we commit to serving our customers with best-in-class digital solutions supporting their growth and profitability.


Three New Digital Solutions on the Way

In the spring of 2021, we are excited to launch one updated and two new SynaptiQapplications

Asset Operations
Application for optimising the operations, performance analysis & reporting of the renewable energy portfolio by comprehensive functionality beyond monitoring. This well-known and valued solution has been updated with a new UI.

Solar Analytics
AI-based solution for automated production loss identification and diagnosis, providing forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations to boost solar asset performance.

Wind Analytics – LivLiner Inside
AI-based solution, co-created by 3E and Livliner, for automated production loss identification and diagnosis, providing forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations to boost wind asset performance.”

We will also add many more useful SaaS applications in the coming months, including ‘Asset Flexibility’ and ‘Yield Analysis’.

3E’s Vision Inspires A New Corporate Identity and Website

The continuing growth of renewable energy and the success of our digital solutions has driven a re-imagining of our company branding and website. The new 3E website will provide an all-in-one service point for our SaaS offerings and will continue to expand as new solutions become available. 


3E is a leading technology and SaaS company providing digital solutions and expert services that maximise the performance of renewable energy assets. As a trusted data services partner, we deliver future-proof and easy-to-deploy solutions over a project’s entire lifetime, supporting developers, asset managers, operators, investors, EPC contractors and IPP’s. 

3E’s one-stop digital platform SynaptiQ provides a complete range of leading SaaS solutions for development, operational asset management and analytics. In addition, 3E supplies various expert services for engineering, technical and strategic decision support. 

3E has a proven track record spanning more than 20 years across 100+ countries. It operates an international team of 100+ experts from its headquarters in Brussels and offices in Barcelona, Paris, Toulouse, Cape Town and Chennai. Strengthened by partnerships with universities and industry pioneers, 3E continues to explore innovations and new developments in renewable energy and digitalisation, striving to provide the industry’s most advanced energy intelligence and AI-based solutions. 


Jurgen Van Damme – Marketing & Communication Director
E. jvd@3E.eu


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