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Solar Power Cable is Viable for Indonesia

A private consultant believes an undersea cable to export solar power from the North West to Indonesia is financially viable even with its likely $6 billion to $10 billion construction cost. Geoff James, a consultant hired by Pilbara Development Commission, toldWestBusiness the ambitious subsea cable project would establish an underwater link to transport solar power from the Pilbara and Kimberley to Java i ...

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Making hydro work in Asia

Cross-border water projects do exist and can be successful in South Asia, despite the region's political and economic differences. We take a closer look at the latest research offering from Chatham House which outlines how to make cross-border collaboration work. South Asia is one of the least integrated regions of the world when it comes to sharing water. According to Gareth Price, Senior Research Fellow a ...

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So whats in store for Indonesia??

Rida Mulyana Director General for New and Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation Looking at Indonesia’s key priorities within the renewable energy sector, Rida Mulyana, Director General for New and Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation (NREEC), also looks at the nation’s development progress, particularly towards ensuring energy security and essential infrastructure. How would you assess so far the ...

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