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Coal, the original fossil fuel, is under attack

Coal is having a rough year. Between President Obama’s new Clean Power Plan, the pope’s moral pronouncements on climate change and the abundance of cheap natural gas, there’s not a lot of love for the combustible black rock that still provides 29 percent of the world’s energy. If coal were a movie hero, it would be Rocky: a tough American working-class underdog who peaked decades ago and is ready to put up ...

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With Iran’s Help, India Eludes China in Race for Gas Riches

Anyone looking for the biggest immediate impact from Iran’s nuclear deal may want to turn away from the Middle East and toward the Indian subcontinent. With U.S. sanctions easing, India is racing to build a port in Iran that will get around the fact that its land access to energy-rich former Soviet republics in Central Asia has been blocked by China and its ally Pakistan. “We’re seeing the latest manifestat ...

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Massive Solar Power Plant Going Up in China

China, which is on track to build the equivalent of one new 600-megawatt coal-fired power plant every 10 days for the next 10 years, is also committed to boosting the amount of emission-free energy it produces. By 2030, the government announced this week, it wants to reduce fossil-fuel energy by 20 percent. 8 Cray Cray Ways To Harness Solar Energy To that end, the country is already constructing its largest ...

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How smuggled workers power ‘Made in China’

On a quiet river bend on the China-Vietnam border, a group of people clambered up a muddy bank. They had just glided across the river from the Vietnamese side in a longboat, guided by men on both banks signalling with flashlights. The passengers scurried over to a group of men standing by their motorcycles, climbed aboard the bikes and disappeared into the night. Two Chinese police officers in uniform, stat ...

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Indian Railways to test its solar-powered trains to reduce pollution

In a bid to reduce diesel consumption in trains, the Indian railways have sort to harness solar energy to run their trains. This will prove to be highly cost-effective to the railways by saving upto Rs 1.24 lakh per coach year. The train in trial has one of its non-AC coach fitted with solar panel on the rooftop. Out of the 40 sq metre of space on the roof of the coach, about 24 sq metre is covered with sol ...

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Hydropower-Third-party access clause added to CASA-1,000 project

Hence, Pakistan, a participating country of the Casa-1,000MW project, would be able to derive benefit when other nations come forward and use the transmission line to export electricity to the country. An official at the Water and Power Ministry said under the power import agreement with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan would get electricity in the summer season. However, he said that there would be no p ...

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Waiting for the Second FLNG Wave

Despite a current pause in commitments to new projects, the capital expenditure for FLNG vessels is expected to amount to $35.5 billion over 2015-2021. There is huge interest in the technology, and future commitments hinge on the success of just a few projects. The delivery of Petronas’ PFLNG 1, also known as the PFLNG SATU, will be the world’s first FLNG vessel to start operations on its completion by the ...

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Emerging markets climb up the top wind markets chart

Emerging markets are undeniably today's hot spot when considering wind power projects and there are clear indications that developing economies will soon dominate the chart with top markets to invest in. It is important to remember that renewable energy development in emerging markets follows a path very different from the one set by the centralised grids of the industrialised world. Renewables growth in de ...

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Solar Power Portal launches ‘Building a British Solar Future’ campaign

The fact that the UK solar industry self-deprecatingly refers to working in the sector as ‘riding the solarcoaster’ tells you almost all you need to know about the changing nature of government support for the technology. Written off and reportedly laughed at in the halls of Whitehall pre-2010, solar PV has consistently outperformed even the most optimistic of predictions which, in policy terms, has always ...

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