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Solar-power crowd funding initiative for schools launched

Solar Schools officially launched New Zealand’s first solar crowd funding initiative for schools today with the installation of a 60 panel Photovoltaic (PV) system at Henley School in Nelson. Solar Schools is a collaboration between the Nelson Environment Centre, SolarCity, and the Nelson Building Society (NBS). All schools around New Zealand can register with Solar Schools, whose team will tailor the best ...

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Asian Development Bank invests $438 million to improve Pacific transport

The Asian Development Bank says it will spend around $438 million over the next three years on improving transport in the Pacific region. Transport routes from the Pacific to overseas markets are among the world's longest. Its 2013 Pacific Transport Update, released on Monday, says transport investment will be crucial in meeting the development challenges of the Pacific. Robert Guild, director of Pacific Tr ...

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Taiwan & Mongolia ink renewable energy pact

Taiwan and Mongolia signed a memorandum of understanding on renewable energy development Feb. 17 in Taipei City, paving the way toward greater cooperation between the two nations. Under the memorandum, both sides will establish joint strategic partnerships on renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific and forge institutionalized collaboration spanning energy audit and efficiency management, as well as solar and w ...

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Singapore’s Navigat creates blueprint for future Myanmar power deals

A subsidiary of Singapore-based Navigat Group said on Monday it had begun supplying power under a purchasing agreement that will be the template for future deals by Myanmar, which has one of the lowest electrification rates in Asia. MAXpower (Thaketa) Co Ltd said it spent $35 million building a 50MW gas-fired plant in a suburb of the main city, Yangon, becoming the first entirely foreign-owned company to en ...

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Kerry: Climate change as dangerous as WMDs

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, has stressed the importance of tackling climate change in a speech in Indonesia, saying that it may be the world's "most fearsome" weapon of mass destruction. Kerry, who delivered the speech on Sunday in the capital, Jakarta, spoke critically about climate change sceptics adding that everyone and every country must take responsibility and act immediately. "We simply do ...

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Solar Impulse to visit India

‘Signature in the Skies’ is set to visit India in April 2015 Come early next year and Indians will witness a spectacle in the skies as world's first day and night flying solar-powered wide bodied aircraft will fly into India as part of its round the globe journey. Termed as ‘Signature in the Skies,’ the flying laboratory will provide Indian clean energy and aviation enthusiasts a lifetime experience. Switze ...

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